Thursday, May 3, 2018

Truth: A picture IS worth a thousand words

So for weeks I've had these canvases hanging out by the stair landing, along with the hammer and nails, stalled because I just can't decide how to hang them. I set them up randomly to take this picture and think maybe I figured it out?! Or maybe not. I still can't decide if I want them on one wall or spanning two. 

I think it's fun to figure out the chronological order by the kids' growth. There is always at least one that you can tell made a big jump. 

All these pictures bring back a lot of memories. The bottom left was taken in our garage in the back of the Odyssey the day we went to Grant's  Farm with Aunt Debra and Grandma Barbara.
• Sam's orange hat was a wardrobe requirement so we could spot him when he would dart away in a crowd like he did on every. single. outing. 
•This was the day that Grant angrily refused to get out of the van once we were there because "it's not even a farm!" 
•This was coincidentally the day I tested out the parenting method of pretend-calling the husband at work to "discuss" taking away the privilege of playing Little Tigers football due to uncooperative behavior. 
•This was the day some success was found with that technique because L.S. (Little Stubborn) Grant did end up going into U.S. Grant's So-Called Farm. 
•This day was a prime example of a blasted hot St. Louis summer day where you feel the sweat running a river down your back and if it weren't for the misters, I'm not sure we would have survived.
•This was the day that the tribe of baby goats were way more interested in eating Aunt Debra's shoe laces than the handfuls of purchased goat chow. 

See, that was a fun, memorable day and that was just one of so many. 

And that is why I love pictures. 

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