Monday, February 6, 2012

MovieMonday—Dinner for Schmucks

I don’t know why, since it came out last year, but we just watched this yesterday.  Gary said the trailers looked really bad at the time so I guess that’s why we didn’t.  So it was on our dvr’d list and I was up in the night and thought it might be fun to watch.  I ended up not watching the whole thing since I got sleepy, but told Gary next morning that I thought it was pretty funny after all and we should watch it.

If you at all miss the cringe factor of Michael Scott on The Office, I found Barry (Steve Carell) of this movie made up for it for me.  A few times I was feeling my stomach knotting up just knowing he was going to do another appalling thing.  Not that he was a copy of MScott.  Similar but different. 

I laughed out loud some (especially involving Paul Rudd with a back injury trying to navigate a step in his apartment and when Barry thinks it would be a good thing to apply heat to his new friend’s sore back).  Zach Galifianakis appears, wearing a dickie all wrong,  

and there’s Jemaine Clement that doesn’t wear much at all.

Ron Livingston works in Paul Rudd’s office space, too.

And I loved Paul Rudd’s girlfriend’s hair cut!

There were lame moments, lame scenes, but overall it was watchable and humorous and, bonus, you might learn a thing or two about taxidermy of mice.  A little mousterpiece theatre!

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